Character Information

and a Thousand other names

B: Before Time

D: Forever (Demigod)

An omnipotent being born of and brother to the Creator has been charged with the responsibility to lead, educate and look after the people on mother earth. Gifted with secret knowledge and great powers this “Trickster” uses his talents to shift back and forth through time, commune with all life and shape-shift into any form, as he bears witness to human history unfolding. On occasion he violates principles of social and natural order to playfully disrupt mortal life in order to help enforce and re-establish the natural order of the world.


B: 1840

D: 1896 July 14

A man of few words. Physically diminutive, sloped shouldered, bow legged with keen dark eyes. At first glance not someone to fear but with his inherently strong sense of justice and skills to dispense it one might reconsider. Born with a foot in both the Native and white man’s world, he was raised in the lawless plains before being abandoned by his mother.  A renowned tracker, hunter and guide and respected by RCMP, traders and neighboring tribes, Jerry survives over 37-gun battles claiming his ‘nine Lives’ are due to a powerful talisman-a cat skin-he wears religiously next to his skin.



B: 1815

D: 1873 December

With an imposing physical presence and ruthless battle tactics, this fearless warrior is known as the “Best Indian Desperado” of his day.  Leader of the Lone fighters clan he’s one of six head chiefs of the Blood Tribe whos a clear-headed strategist when sober but incredibly dangerous and unpredictable when he drinks. His people refer to him in hushed tones as MinixiWild Person “, as they fear the power given to him in a vision by the Grizzly Bear which makes him impervious to bullets, arrows or knifes.



B: 1830

D: August 28 1900

Born to a family of chiefs in a minor band of the Blood tribe, Red Crow’s quick rise to power was all thanks to his fearlessness and prowess in battle. Gifted by a Gopher with the power to be “untouchable” in battle, Red Crow survived over 50 bloody skirmishes and battles without a scratch.  His Untouchable reputation, charismatic presence, tenacity and stubbornness serve him later in life as he keeps his people at peace and leads them into a new era.


B: 1842

D: July 4, 1886

Poundmaker, a charismatic Plains Cree chief known as a peacemaker and defender of his people. Born to a Nakoda Father and Metis mother, Poundmaker lost his parents at a young age only to be adopted by the Red Pheasant people and raised Cree. Gifted with the power to call the buffalo, his magnetism knows no bounds as his entire life serves as a lightning rod and a bridge-between Nations, cultures and even eras.


B: 1825

D: January 17 1888

Small in stature (4’5) and a thousand-yard stare this a small pox survivor won the respect and leadership of his people through his charismatic demeanor, good nature and warrior prowess against the revered Blackfoot nation. Shortly after being gifted with the power of the grizzly bear at 13 Big Bear will follow unwaveringly his repeated prophesizing the coming of the White Man, the loss of ancestral lands, and the eventual downfall of his people.


B: October 22 1844

D: November 16 1885

Eldest of eleven children in a locally well-respected family and educated by Catholic priests, this mild mannered and soft-spoken teenager with the soul of a poet enters the priest collage and establishes himself as a quick study despite his frequent and unpredictable moodiness. Not long after the death of his father, he has a prophetic dream where he awakens believing that he is divinely chosen to be the leader and prophet of his people. Louis’s continued “conversations with God” become the driving force behind his actions as he rises to preserve Métis rights and culture as his homelands in the Northwest are mistreated under the Canadian sphere of influence.


B: Early 1850’s

D: Early 1920’s

Orphaned when he was just a boy Peter was adopted by Peter Erasmus and raised a Christian. Through his honesty, hard work and resourcefulness this tall, strong and confident HBC trader earns the trust of Native peoples, settlers alike. Peters life takes a hard-left turn when he becomes consumed by a strong prophetic dream about a white horse foretelling of a impending disaster during the 1885 northwest uprising.


B: Early 1815

D: 1870

Respected Shamen to his people this carrier Indian was considered a prophet and miracle worker with great powers of healing.  Imparted with knowledge from beings known only as “the Sky People”, Bini is foresees the onset of Christianity with details that are incredibly accurate. His electric presence and sense of conviction would forever alter the indigenous spiritual landscape as this was how his people would first be exposed to many of the beliefs of Christianity. Some of which include the sign of the cross and the first five of the ten commandments known to Christians today


B: 1822

D: 1846

Born during a tumultuous time of friction between warring enemy tribes, a headstrong 14-year-old boy named Screech Owl proves his warrior prowess against all odds that earns the respect of his peers and the new warrior name of Low Horn.  Gifted with several powers from the spirits by the time he was 13 Low horns undaunted belief in his abilities puts him at the center of many enemy conflicts leading up to his death at the age of 24. But his legacy doesn’t stop there as he uses his powers to reincarnate four more times.


B: 1843

D: 1895

A demeanor of a warrior and the mind of a leader, this tall, handsome man commended the respect of his people through his presence alone. Gifted with several powers ranging from communing with the thunder to healing the sick, Thunderchief becomes leader of the North and advisor to Red Crow himself. Deeply rooted in his people’s spiritual beliefs and practices, this humble leader puts his people first, watching over and protecting them in life and after in death.



B: 1844

D: 1901

Like his namesake and uncle before him who was given the power of invincibility by the Grizzly bear, Calf Shirt wields the power of rattlesnakes. A highly-regarded warrior who leads revenge war parties, and eventually becomes a tribal leader, Calf shirt acquires his gift from the Snake People through a vision after both of his parents die. This unsettling power over snakes gives him wide spread notoriety and commands respect from his people thus enabling him to play with equal dexterity the roles of informer, tribal leader, police scout and criminal. He does whatever is necessary to see his people through one of their tribes most difficult cultural transitional periods.


B: 1839

D: December 20 1879

Handsome, silently imposing, raised and educated traditionally, Swift Runner was a former trapper and guide for the RCMP who hopelessly tries to adapt to the newly imposed western cultural assimilation. Considered to once to exude a positive and upbeat personality the conflict between his traditional and the European culture pushes a turn in Swift Runner to something far darker.   He starts to dream of a voracious spirit entity called the Wendigo who seduces him away from being a loving family man toward committing the most unspeakable of crimes.


B: MARCH 1888

D: 1949

A ranch hand that rode the un-rideable horse to become world champion of the first ever Calgary Stampede. This proud and charismatic warrior becomes one of the wealthiest ranchers in Canada at a time when native people were thought to fail as farmers. Three Person’s confidence, intelligence, “ladies’ man” good looks and charm make him a popular favorite but it’s the unpredictable vindictive explosive dark side lying in wait underneath his cool exterior that keeps most on edge. By his own admission, he credits his rise to fame and fortune to his spirit helper, Billy, or as the Blackfoot know him by Siksinum: The Black One, better known to most as the Devil.