A 1/2 hour documentary/drama series that explores the mystical and metaphysical influences behind Western Canada’s most notorious heroes and villains that shaped the Canadian West. Season 1 unearths the past to expose the legendary heroes and villains that shaped the Canadian West in ways no viewer has seen before. Join us as we explore what’s behind the stories, looking beyond the legends and discover the mystical and metaphysical influences behind these notable individuals to show how they were able to transcend the ordinary and become an extraordinary part of SECRET HISTORY ™ – The Wild West!


Episode 1 – JERRY POTTS “Louder than Words”

Abandoned at birth and orphaned shortly after a half Blackfoot child learns how to walk in both worlds after being reunited with his Blackfoot family and schooled in traditional ways. After a drunken fueled family feud takes the life of his mother, Jerry Potts sets out to bring his mother’s killer to justice.

Episode 2 – CALF SHIRT “Bear Medicine”

A young headstrong warrior seeks power through a vison quest and he makes an agreement with a bear spirit to offer a sacrifice in exchange for Invincibility. His climb to become War Chief of his tribe is a bloody one that comes to a culmination when he gets into an argument that puts his power to the ultimate test.

Episode 3 – RED CROW “Untouchable”

A young boy is gifted great power from a gopher which he uses to raise the status and quality of life for both his family and his people via his acts as a warrior, statesman and tribal leader.

Episode 4 – POUNDMAKER “Peacemaker”

A Metis/Stony raised Cree is gifted with the power to call the buffalo. While growing up he’s adopted into a prominent Blackfoot Chiefs family where he grows into a Peacemaker to bolster bonds of friendship between longstanding enemies of the Blackfoot and Cree nations.

Episode 5 – BIG BEARRope About My Neck”

A Cree leader’s power, gifted to him by the Grizzly spirit, enables Big Bear to continually predict destructive future events. Concerned for his people’s well-being he becomes instrumental in an effort to not just unite all Cree people but all native tribes throughout the Canadian Northwest.

Episode 6 – LOUIS RIEL “The Chosen One”

A prophetic dream experienced during his childhood later resurfaces to inspire a man to rise up and unite his people in an armed resistance movement against the Canadian government. A series of bloody battles soon takes its’ toll but Riel remains defiant and firmly rooted in his convictions right up to his last steps on the gallows.

Episode 7 – PETER SHIRT “A Man About a Horse”

Adopted and raised Christian from an early age this honest, respectable, hardworking Piikunii man finds himself questioning his belief system when he receives a strong prophetic dream about a white horse warning him of impending disaster for hundreds of native  people that only he has the ability to prevent.

Episode 8 – BINI the PROPHET “Who Aren’t in Heaven-Yet”

When a shaman loses at a demonstration of spirit power, he wanders into the forest depressed and looking to end his life when he is lifted into heaven and meets with the Chief of the Sky People. This meeting changes his fortune and he becomes endowed with the power to see into the future.  He changes his name and his status is quickly elevated as he continues to speak with these beings in his dreams and use his magic to spread new ideas about spiritualism.

Episode 9 – LOW HORN “Old Soul”

A young boy has a series of powerful visions that connects him with the spirit world and endows him with unique abilities. After becoming prominent Blackfoot warrior at a young age, his skills are put to the ultimate test as he uses his special abilities to help him defy death.

Episode 10 – THUNDER CHIEF “Thunder Chief”

Gifted with mystical powers and spirituality that would prove legendary in battle and in later years as a powerful healer and leader of his people. Thunderchief fights to preserve the spiritual and cultural aspects of his people in a changing world establishing himself as one of the most influential warriors of the Kainai people.

Episode 11 – CALF SHIRT “Snake Man”

After the death of both his parents a wandering mourning warrior takes comfort on a hill where he is adopted in a vision by the snake people and given a unique power. This power quickly elevates his status as he plays both sides of the fence with equal dexterity as Tribal leader and Tribal informant.

Episode 12 – SWIFT RUNNER “Consumed”

Feeling abandoned by his culture and suffocated by the approaching western world, a loving family man’s life is turned upside down when his dreams are haunted by an insatiable forest spirit that beckons him to do the unthinkable.

Episode 13 – TOM THREE PERSONS “Billy”

After making a “deal” with a mysterious stranger a native ranch hands rises to fame and fortune after winning the first ever Calgary Stampede.